fashion changes but style endures

Styling… a new you

It’s so easy to get in to a rut with the way we dress, and the clothes we choose – and this can reflect and affect our mood, health and overall confidence.

Clothes are a way to make your personal statement to the world – a way to influence, often subconsciously, the outcome of all sorts of situations.

Instantly feel like a new person

Get your outfit right and you’ll instantly feel like a new person – you’ll behave differently without even realising it. Making a few simple tweaks to what you wear can raise your self-esteem, lift your mood and most importantly boost your confidence.

Take the first step to a more stylish you

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    Colour Analysis

    • Enhance your features and see your eyes sparkle.
    • Feel an instant boost in confidence.
    • Look more radiant.

    We are here to help you to enhance your personal style – making the very most of who you are.

    Colour is the easiest and quickest way to make this happen. It can lift you or drain you; inspire you or drag you down; make you look years younger or age you; boost your confidence or leave you feeling flat.

    Get it right and you will feel like a different person.

    Sessions last 1.5 hours at a location of your choice.

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    Wardrobe Workout

    • A more streamlined yet versatile wardrobe that will be easier to manage.
    • A whole new set of outfits you never knew you had.
    • Update your look and feel more contemporary.
    • Use accessories to maximise impact.

    A Me Spot Wardrobe Workout will transform the way you feel about your clothes… and yourself.

    In the comfort of your own home, we’ll talk body shape – showing you how to both celebrate and enhance yours. We’ll help you to create new outfits that you’ve never thought of before, whilst gently suggesting ways to refresh and streamline your existing wardrobe.

    Sessions last 3 hours at a location of your choice.

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    Personal Shopping

    • Have the confidence to try things you never would have considered.
    • Cut out the time-wasting, and get straight to the good stuff.
    • Discover new brands and looks that make the very best of you.

    We love a bit of retail therapy, and we like to think of ourselves as your ‘dream shopping buddy’. From a complete style makeover, to a killer outfit for a special occasion, we’ve got it covered.

    We know the shops that are right for you, whatever your budget and, with a ‘refreshment’ stop included, this is one shopping trip you’ll really look forward to!

    Sessions last approximately 4 hours in a central London location to be agreed.

Do get in touch…

We’ll help you choose the option that’s right for you.