Qigong: Self care for the mind, body & spirit

Qigong is the latest addition to the Me Spot timetable. Denise, our Qigong instructor, explains what it is all about and the benefits you might expect:

In simple terms, Qigong (pronounced chee-gon) is the practice and skill of working with the vital energy of the body. Amazingly there are over 3,000 styles and forms of Qigong in existence. It’s easy and simple to learn, accessible to everyone and can be modified to meet the needs of any physical ability. Practise Qigong and you can expect increased vitality, release of stress and anxiety, and a greater sense of wellbeing. Just a few minutes a day can deliver noticeable results.

What’s the difference between Tai Chi & Qigong?

Tai Chi is based in martial arts with very precise, sequenced & choreographed form of movements.

Qigong is an ancient practice centred on the flow of energy (chi) through breath, physical movement and focused attention. The movements, taken from nature, are more fluid and less structured than Tai Chi, which makes it easier to learn. By observing the harmony of nature and the seasons, the ancient Chinese noticed that our internal organs mirrored the seasons in the way that they work together. They went on to develop a form of preventative medicine and a series of exercises.

The practice of Universal Tao Qigong teaches us to move mindfully – refining & expanding the Chi in all our body systems, meridians & internal organs, through focusing the mind. It is a perfect alternative for those who may have struggled with some seated forms of meditation.

The physical, mental and emotional benefits

With Qigong, you can expect to benefit physically, mentally and emotionally:

Woman doing Qigong• A more efficient cardio vascular system
• Stronger muscles and increased bone density
• Better balance and a lower risk of falls
• Improved digestion
• Relief from rheumatoid arthritis, joint and back pain
• Reduced anxiety, stress and depression
• Greater clarity and the ability to manage your emotions
• Self-empowerment and healing


If your curiosity is awakened and you would like to try Qigong with Denise, drop us a line at info@mespot.me.


  1. Janet Wootton

    Thank you Lindsay for another very interesting & thought provoking news letter.
    A wonderful tribute to Marcia your very dear friend.

  2. Pauline Dowsett

    I would like to know more but is this online video class? I live quite a distance from London, Lancashire in fact. It does sound fascinating.

    • Hi Pauline, The class runs via Zoom so it is live and takes place at 10.30am on Saturdays for 45 minutes and costs £8. If it is something you are interested in, do drop me an email. Best wishes Lindsay

  3. Rachel

    Hi, sorry I haven’t been organised to join much but would love to try the Qigong. Shall I just book?
    Your tribute to Marcia has me in tears again. What a privilege to have known her
    Take care and hope to meet again soon xx

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