Dare to dream

The older we get, the more daunting change can seem. Our minds, burdened down by the weight of experience can very quickly convince us that any kind of change is way too risky. What’s more, we have often become so entrenched in life as it stands, as mother, wife, boss, breadwinner,…insert as necessary…that we can’t even conceive of an alternative.

My question today: if you did, what would it be? What are you passionate about that you haven’t yet explored…or maybe even admitted to yourself? When did you last dare to dream?

People are capable, at any time in their lives, of doing what they dream of. Paul Coelho


..it’s just sometimes we either stop dreaming, or we allow that little voice in our head to convince us our dreams are impossible. But in so doing, we are effectively accepting a life of compromise and limitation.

Time to take a different approach?

What is it that allows some people to push ahead while others feel rooted to the spot? And what can we learn from them?

Jennifer, this month’s phenomenal woman, has taken the leap and uncompromisingly followed her dreams. I spoke to her to get her thoughts:

Jennifer’s story

Can you describe the business you have founded?

Millfield Health Care is a Home Care agency providing care to adults in the comfort of their own home. We support every day tasks like getting dressed and preparing meals, through to more specialist care such as dementia and palliative care.

What were you doing before?

Most of my previous career was in academia. While I was studying for my PhD, I worked part-time as a carer and it was there that I discovered my calling.

It was a few years before you went ahead and set up the business. What stopped you doing something sooner?

Personal circumstances. I was dealing with the emotional impact of a divorce. Having grown up in a highly religious, conservative and traditionalist background, I had to manage the broken relationships of close and wider family members who were taking sides.

I also lost my Dad in 2018, my Mum in 2019 and my Mother-in-law in 2020 who were all very close to my heart. I had my issues with my own poor health For a long time I did not know what the prognosis was due to long waiting lists post-Covid. Be that as it may, I just want to be me.

How did you overcome the doubts inside your head?

I never had any doubts in my mind. I prayed for good health and believed that when the time was right things would work out.

What convinced you to take the leap?

The pandemic and the realisation that the time was right.

What was the best piece of advice you received along the way?

‘Whatever belongs to you cannot be taken away from you’…in terms of your aspirations and what you hope to achieve.

Through the process, what lessons have learnt about yourself and about making change?

I am a go-getter. I am committed and work hard to achieve objectives. I am realistic and honest with myself that sometimes expectations may not be met. However, with determination and keeping on trying you get there!

How do you feel now the business is up and running and performing well? 

We have been rated Good in all areas by the Care Quality Commission. But we can’t be complacent. There is still room for improvement and we’ll keep looking forward.

What advice would you give to others who are thinking of following their dream?

If you are passionate about something, go for it, do not look back. You’ll never know what you’ll find around the corner until you look.

Secrets of success

Listening to Jennifer, I was reminded of the common traits I have often observed in people who have  succeeded in changing their lives for the better. There’s some useful lessons:
  1.  They dare to dream and they never lose sight of it.
  2. Think big. In the words of Napolean Hill: ‘Whatever the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve.’
  3. Clarity is key. Be clear in what you are after and then be prepared to trust the process and let the universe help you get there.
  4. Nothing comes without a struggle. Setbacks are a natural part of any journey, you just don’t always get to hear about them. Everyone has their own challenges and we can allow them to clip our wings forever, or press on regardless. That is a choice that is available to us all.
  5. Believe you can and you will.

And so I ask again, when was the last time you dared to dream? And which of your dreams are as yet unfulfilled? The second half of the year has just begun, time to get to it!



  1. Shagufta Butt

    Very inspiring lady. Thank you for sharing. Lovely pics.

  2. Patricia Wainman

    Very heartwarming story. Jennifer is an amazing woman. I wish her every success as she goes onwards and upwards.

  3. Susie King

    I never cease to be amazed by Jennifer – always so cheerful and helpful and incredibly brave in setting up her new business and continuing to expand her team of carers. An enormous amount of work is involved with setting up, training and housing these people – I constantly take my hat off to her – and love her huge collection of hair pieces!!! A really inspiring lady who I’m incredibly fond of.

  4. Janet Wootton

    Fantastic story, very inspirational lady. In a very needed sector, well done on achieving a good from the Care Quality Commissioners.
    Hope your business goes from strength to strength.

  5. Charmaine

    Really lovely blog Lindsay, I love Jennifer’s approach and we all definitely need to be reminded about our dreams from time to time.

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