Freedom and friends

In September 2021, Alison embarked on the journey of her life., a solo cycle tour of the UK. If inspiration is what you are looking for this January. look no further than this month’s blog…

Imad's restaurant

Made with love

Imad’s is a very special place. Imad is an incredibly special person. As you sit in this wonderful restaurant, you would never believe what it took for him to get here. His story is inspirational and uplifting, a beacon of light and hope…

Photographer with camera

Lights, Camera, Action

This month’s blog takes you behind the scenes of the Me Spot photoshoot. See what went on in the run up to the shoot, meet the team and share in the many lessons we learnt…

Sandy Layton

Life beyond the comfort zone

The best part of life is beyond our comfort zone. One lady who knows all about that has kindly agreed to share her thoughts. Prepare to be inspired..